Thursday, 6 November 2014

Paint by Numbers with Jasper Johns

I am delighted to showcase the work of the amazingly talented American painter and printmaker Jasper Johns. It is no surprise that he has become one of most significant and influential American painters of the twentieth century. I initially spotted his work in the Tate Art Gallery, Liverpool and was instantly captivated.

His work includes a range of subject matter from flags and targets, to letters and numbers. It is his particular piece ‘0 to 9’ that I love, where large scribbled numbers are positioned on top of each other to create an unusual layered piece of art.

The surface of Jasper’s work is very layered and textural with rich painterly brush strokes in multi directions. His surface of choice is canvas but often fabric, collage, encaustic and plaster relief are used which add another dimension to his amazing paintings. He is a perfect artist to explore the use of oil pant and working on a bigger scale, I just wish I could work in such an expressive way!

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